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Delfin PLC has been present on the Croatian market since 1991. It was among the first party supply distributers for the Croatian market. From the very beginning, we have been collaborating with the leading and established party supplies manufacturers, who enable us to distribute high-quality licenced products. We supply the shelves of large and small shops through our wholesale programme. Always trending and being of service to our customers is the motto which Delfin has been living by for the past 30 years in the market`s stormy waters.

Party supplies distribution is Delfin PLC`s core business, as it has been offering a wide range of party supplies to customers for many years.

A powerful focus on quality, design, service, availability, invention and affordable prices makes Delfin PLC the perfect partner for any merchant or distributor within the party supplies, catering and disposable tableware service range.
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Since 1991 up until this day we have developed into a modern company eager to take new business challenges. We grow and improve along with our employees, partners and customers and adapt the product range, prices and organisation according to the customers` needs and market demands.

Our goals and mission focus on sustainable development, honouring all the latest technological achievements, preseving the natural enviroment and all values of modern society.

Ambition and desire to grow are present in every part of our business, which has resulted in the idea to enable you to purchase our party supplies range from the comfort of your home, as well as introduce new, interesting products to the Croatian market through our Be Cool Full webshop. We are proud of the large range of glass jars, bottles and accessories by esteemed German manufacturer WECK®. We are the first to introduce professional ribbon printers to Croatia – by the English RIBBON WRITER brand for personalised ribbon printing.

Delfin consists of a few people who create a serious and great business venture. Enthusiasm and ambition, based on experience and team work are our main initiators. Adaptability and flexibility when it comes to organisation have enabled us to meet and support the needs of small and large customers.

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You can get to know us through our Be COOL Full webshop at www.becoolfull.hr

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