Trendy glass jars for personal and professional use!

A German brand with long-standing tradition, offering glass jars with multiple purposes. This range offers products for food preserving, storage, food preparation and displaying groceries, dishes, desserts or drinks in glass jars.

The WECK® company, established in 1900, is the first to introduce food preserving in glass jars to the market and is still a market leader. The WECK® company offers a clear item structure and a wide range of products made from high-quality glass.

With their innovative products, WECK® retraces us to original values of food preserving and healthy food conservation.

Due to its multifunctionality, various sizes and appealing, fun and decorative shapes, the glass jars are suited for personal and professional use, for:

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Why choose WECK®?

We offer glass jars in a variety of sizes and shapes, bottles, accompanying fittings and accessories for preparing and storing food.

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