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Updated: 01.04.2022.


The website is owned by DELFIN PLC, 42 Vladimira Novaka, Zaprešić, Croatia, Personal Identification Number: 23524051453.

All material provided on the website is exclusive intellectual property of Delfin PLC and may be used exclusively with specific authorisation of the copyright owner and the copyright owner of the stamp and/or the design. 

DELFIN PLC enables the use of services and contents of the website as regulated by this Privacy policy.

The Privacy policy describes the way in which DELFIN PLC, 42 Vladimira Novaka, Zaprešić, Croatia, Personal Identification Number: 23524051453 (or „Delfin“) handles personal information provided by you during your use of the website. When Delfin attains personal information, which you provided while using Delfin`s website, Delfin is considered to be in charge of processing the stated information.

The Privacy policy is applied irrelevant of the fact whether a desktop, mobile phone, tablet or any other device is being used in order to access our services. It is important you carefully read the Privacy policy because each time you use our services (described below), you agree to the terms stated in the Privacy policy. If you do not accept the terms described in the Privacy policy, i.e. do not consent to us processing personal information, you will not be able to use our services. However, we point out that you are not required to provide personal information to Delfin, i.e. there are no consequences if such information is not given. Delfin can alter or update the Privacy policy any given moment and our website will feature its latest version at all times. Please, be sure to check the date from which it is in effect (it will be published at the top), in order to see when the Privacy policy has been updated last.

The scope of the collected personal information and the purpose of processing

Personal information is considered personal information you directly provide us with in relation to the services available on our website. This information may include the following:

  • contacts and information regarding your communication with Delfin (e-mail address, telephone number, date, time and content of your letter of e-mail communication, date, time and duration of telephone calls);
  • information regarding the user`s use of the Delfin website (date and time of their visit, visited sites or URL addresses, time spent on an individual page, the number of visited pages, actions taken on the website) and information on received messages (e-mail);
  • other information voluntarily revealed to Delfin by the user in relation to their request for specific services, which require such information.

Delfin gathers some or all of the above-mentioned personal information solely based on your consent. We point out that you can withdraw your consent at any moment, however, you will not be able to use services available on the website from that moment on. The consent can be withdrawn by notifying Delfin.

Delfin collects and processes personal information for the following purposes:

  • in order to sign in to the Delfin online WHOLESALE CATALOGUE
  • in order to provide notifications regarding special offers and promotional activities in telephone calls
  • regarding enquiries received via the `Get in touch` form on the website.

Sharing personal information provided by you

Delfin commits to protecting personal information provided to us by you in secrecy. The company will share your information with third parties exclusively in the manner described in this Statement. Delfin can only share your data with contractors who perform certain outsourced services for Delfin (such as advertising and analysis agencies, which are described below). In such cases, Delfin is taking measures by using standard information protection regulations, required in order to secure a suitable level of protection of your personal information. Delfin does not allow these contractors to use the stated data or share it for any purpose apart from meeting contractual obligations towards Delfin.

Period of collecting personal information provided by you

We will collect your personal information and process it as long as you are using our services or up to a maximum of 10 years, also until you revoke your consent for processing personal information, which you initially provided.

Your rights

Based on applicable regulations, your rights are as follows:

  • you can ask you for access to your personal information, i.e. you have the right to the information whether we are processing personal data which refers to you;
  • if the personal information which refers to you is inaccurate, you have the right to the correction of such information (without unnecessary delay), as well as for it to be updated;
  • you have the right to the deletion of the personal information which refers to you (without unnecessary delay) if one of the following terms is fulfilled:
    • the personal information is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was collected or the way it was processed;
    • if you withdraw the consent which the processing of the data is based on and if there is no other legal foundation for the processing;
    • if you lodge a complaint against the processing;
    • if the personal information was unlawfully processed;
    • if the personal information has to be deleted in order to honour a liability which arises from the European Union law or Croatian law
    • personal information was collected in relation to the offer of services by an information company (such as a webshop);
  • you have the right to attain limited personal information processing if one of the following terms is fulfilled:
    • if you dispute the accuracy of a certain piece of information, for the period which enables us to verify its accuracy;
    • if the processing was unlawful and you oppose the personal data being deleted – instead, you ask for its use to be limited;
    • if we no longer require the personal information for processing but you request the data for setting, realising or defending a certain legal claim;
    • if you have lodged a complaint against the processing of data and are waiting for a confirmation whether our legitimate reasons for processing your data surpass your interests, rights and freedom;
  • you have the right to lodge a complaint against the processing of the personal information you provided us with at any time;

You can ask for the data to be corrected or send a notice revoking the provided consent for processing personal information by sending an e-mail to

Cookie policy

The cookie policy is used in order to understand the use of the website by the user. It helps us adapt our website to your personal needs. In order for the pages be fully functional, they have to save a small amount of information onto the computer, the so-called cookies. These cookies do not include your personal information, but enable faster and more efficient activation of information, data and settings which you have previously used while accessing our pages.

By using the website, the user agrees to using cookies.

If the user disables cookies, there is a possibility they will not be able to use certain functionalities provided by

If you wish to disable accepting cookies, you can change your device`s settings by choosing this option in your web browser under the title Tools/Options.


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